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Welcome to Ever Forward

Ever Forward Counselling service is a private practice operating between Craigieburn in Victoria and Launceston in Tasmania.

We provide a holistic approach to wellbeing – including counselling for both individuals and relationships

With individuals, Ever Forward works to find positive solutions that utilise the personal strengths and resources of clients. With the right support, people can become agents of their own personal change to improve their own lives.

We provide relationship counselling, using evidence-based techniques that enable people to process and reflect on past difficulties, find pathways through difficult times and, most importantly, to reconnect and find joy.

Individual Counselling

Discover Your Strengths, Find Your Path to Happier Times.

Ever Forward provides individual counselling sessions that provide you with support, help you work through your problems and find solutions that work with your needs and style. The focus is always on discovering and increasing your strengths to find your own path to happier times.

When you are struggling, there are many ways that you can work to feel better: talking with friends and family; focusing on your eating, exercise and sleep; or just getting out and doing something that you enjoy

But sometimes your problems seem so overwhelming that your usual fixes don’t help. When you are feeling sad or stressed, gathering the energy to take action might feel impossible. It is at times like this that you might seek extra assistance.

Ever Forward takes a strengths based approach. While we will certainly look at goal setting, we also work on identifying the strengths which make you uniquely YOU and apply these to your problems. You do have strengths and abilities that you can apply to your situation and experience improvement.

Counselling can be helpful if you are dealing with feelings of sadness, anxiousness or anger. These feelings are a natural part of the human experience — so we don’t try to remove them. Instead we work towards an integrated emotional life, where negative emotions work alongside feelings of happiness, accomplishment and purposefulness.

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Relationship Counselling

Strengthen your Bond, Do Love Your Way.

Ever Forward provides relationship counselling, giving you support to develop better communication, recognise strengths, value each other and approach difficulties together to drive meaningful change in your relationship.

No relationship is perfect. Let’s get that out of the way.

But that doesn’t mean you should suffer with a connection that isn’t fulfilling, satisfying and joyous. With the stresses of our everyday lives, work, illness, finances and infidelity, it’s easy to lose the spark you once had.

Relationship counselling provides support and guidance to recognise and resolve problems before they create damaging cracks. Feeling stuck in a cycle of hurt and anger is no way to live your life.

At Ever Forward you will be heard and understood, and supported towards the long, loving relationship dynamic you deserve.

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Knowledge for the real world

This year Ever Forward has begun delivering and developing coursework to give you a more cost effective way of getting information and advise that could be helpful to you.

It all begins with Stormbreaker, a course developed to help those who struggle with managing their anger.

Information on new courses will be listed here as they are released, but you can also join our courses mailing list and receive news of new courses straight to you email inbox. You can sign up here.


Anger Management Course
2024 Melbourne and Launceston

Get control over your anger using real world techniques

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Counselling Supervision

Knowledge for the real world

Ever Forward offers counselling supervision in the city of Melbourne. Online sessions are available for regional and interstate counsellors. We believe that counselling supervision should be broader than a brief check in on your harder cases.

A Broader Perspective

Along with case assessment and discussion on immediate concerns, we will also spend time talking about:

  • Examining and challenging theories, modalities and philosophies in relation to clients
  • Encouraging inclusive practise allowing you to work confidently with diversity
  • Reviewing administrative techniques in note taking and record keeping
  • Creating robust systems of self care and professional boundaries
  • Identifying areas for exploration through professional development
  • Building and growing an ethical business
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Marcus has been a practising counsellor for nearly a decade and is registered with the Australian counselling association.

A Broader Perspective

Marcus has built his practise primarily working with clients who have become disenchanted with how impersonal mental health care can feel. He begins each counselling relationship with fresh eyes – working to understand his clients and where they are currently at in life. Avoiding cookie-cutter interventions, Marcus focuses on finding solutions that will work for each individual.

Overall, he believes that you being your authentic self is much more helpful than making you live like everybody else. The goal is not for you to become some version of normal, but to live according to what you love and value while being able to maintain relationships around you.

Marcus works with clients to manage feelings of sadness, anxiety and stress. He is particularly focused on finding your strengths and letting them work for you.

Marcus started working with couples looking for help in their romantic relationships. Over time this has expanded to working with a diverse range of relationship issues, including non-love marriages, those wanting to change or maintain their relationships post separation and members of the poly scene who practise ethical non monogamy.

As a queer practitioner, Marcus has worked extensively with the LGBTIQ+ community. Most recently he has built a larger cohort of trans clients, some of whom are dealing with concerns during transition phases – though just as often are just working through life and want to speak with someone who does not assume that all problems are gender related.


Melbourne, Vic

Craigieburn appointments are available on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Sundays, with evening sessions available up until 8pm on selected days.


We are currently not taking new in-person clients in Launceston. To book, click on the booking link and select an online appointment.



Please note - Sometimes clients calling may need to leave a message for us. We do not have reception, so if we are with clients at the time of your call, we will get back to you as soon as possible.

We also learned from the millenials - and can happily respond to text messages if that is your preferred contact method.

Otherwise, feel free to send through a message on our contact form.